Life on the EB • Chesterfield MA

Fall always makes me think of this quote:

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”

– Albert Camus

So true in so many ways.  Sometimes I don’t know whether to fish or take photos. This outing had a little of both I guess. The water is still low but not as low as it’s been on the Westfield River. Life is always in abundance down in the valley. I think thats one reason I love fishing there. So many beautiful things to witness. The birds, the insects the sounds. The fish have been cooperating too. These trout are active and hungry; hitting soft hackle nymphs like its their job. All I can do is soak up the remaining warm autumn days before the inevitable passing of winter. Life is good when fishing here on the EB. Cheers.

North River • Rainbows

Fall on the North River! The water is still low but the rainbows don’t seam to mind. This river is always such a joy to fish. Deep banks can hold some larger fish and nearly all of the trout caught here are acrobatic. Fun times. Soft hackle nymphing is the way to go on this free stone stream. Lots of action on smaller flies right now. This certainly is the best time of year to be a fly fisherman! Cheers.