6 thoughts on “Color & Fog

  1. Grant, when were you there for this post?
    I was there Monday and it was spectacular with beautiful foliage, 2 bald eagles, myself and around a dozen or so trout.

  2. Grant, I’ve been fishing the EB since the mid 1990’s. Back in those days, you would hardly ever see another person on the river, weekday or weekends. I met Les (of Les’s Pool) (God bless his soul) most often and we would share stories on those late afternoons of our days on the water.

    I can tell from your blog how much you enjoy exploring new waters as I do. I might suggest you spend a day on the middle and west branches. They are equally as beautiful with hardly ever a person to be found. You’ll no doubt find fish in each as well. Would love to see some of your beautiful shots on these waters as well…

    1. Jack,

      That is amazing. I am relatively new to the EB and have fallen head over heals for it. The middle and west branches you say… Im there. Thanks for the suggestion. One thing I love about fishing is the places it takes you. I certainly look forward to exploring those waters. Cheers.

  3. You will not be disappointed! I look forward to seeing your journey into these other branches in beautiful photos. The season is never long enough!

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