Its On!

The Deerfield and Westfield River are in full swing and the getting’s good! Dry fly fishing in the evenings has been stellar on both and the swift has had less traffic. Finally! Go explore some new water! This is the best time of year to do some reconnaissance and scope out those spots you’ve always driven past. The bugs are out the fish are gorging. Life is good.


Worming Up

Here is a video to get you through the snow. Every year in some rivers of North Patagonia this wasp larva eat on willow tree leaves falling on huge amounts to slow crystal clear pools and creating great sight fishing situations. Enjoy.

The President

NGS Picture ID:1507300

It takes a special kind of tree to have a nickname. “The President” is one of those trees. The giant sequoia stands 247 feet tall, measures 45,000 cubic feet in volume, and is an estimated 3,200 years old. The trunk is 27 feet wide and the his mighty branches hold 2 billion needles, the most of any tree on the planet. On top of that, he still adds one cubic meter of wood per year – making him one of the fastest growing trees in the world. Giant sequoias exist in only one place, where The President and smaller trees that make up his “House” and “Senate”, reside. Until now, the tree had never been photographed in its entirety. It took an intricate set of pulleys and levers to scale the tree, which some argue is the largest in the world (taking width into account). After 32 days and stitching together 126 separate photos, we are left with this breathtaking portrait of The President.

Image © National Geographic

Buckle Works

Hey friends. Check out this amazing small belt buckle business in Cotuit Massachusetts. Buckle Works specializes in handmade belts, brass and sterling buckles. They create beautiful works of art and each buckle is cast by hand! Here are some of my favorites. For more info visit . Support Local!

All designs / images are copyright to Buckle Works. 


Define what makes you happy and follow it. Anything that enhances your daily experience for the better is good. Planting herbs in ceramic planters for cooking. That is good.  DSCF2182 DSCF2183

Choose Happiness.