October on the Deerfield

Its time friends! The Deerfield River is in its prime right now. The other surrounding rivers in western mass are relatively low. Nothing a little rain wont fix but it best to move toward bigger water when the small streams have stressed out fish. Hit the Millers or the Deerfield. The Swift is fishing well but I’ve been fishing from a canoe. Its dry fly season for sure on that river! The bookies are loving it! Oh and try a black ant pattern if you are hitting the swift. Don’t forget to see whats flying in the air around you! As for the Deerfield… streamers all the way baby!


Mountains & Sharks

Part I: Mountains

Its been a long and adventurous summer and now I’m back in western Massachusetts ready to catch some trout. Ive spent most of the summer in the Adirondack Mountains catching large mouth bass and tiger musky. So many good stories and a hell of a lot of fish. Lots to tell. Its been a trying summer as well with the death of a childhood friend who passed. Ive pretty much kept my social media to an all time low and spent most of my time outside where I belong. Which is why its taken me so long to come back to the land of blogs, emails, Instagram, Facebook ect.

For those of you who don’t know I’m also an artist and my wife and I have a ceramics business called Tandem Ceramics. This summer was also spent gearing up for a trade show that we did in NY City. It went really well and I had to put down the fly rod and get in the studio. Here’s a link to our website: www.tandemceramics.com 

Back to the Adirondacks…This place is where I grew up. The mountains, streams and lakes are in my blood and it feels like home every time I hit the water. I grew up fishing with my dad and brothers near Blue Mountain Lake. I remember fishing the books for brook trout when I was six and driving my boat around the lake at age 13. Fish the places you feel most at home. Where the water makes sense and the fish are plenty.  Here are some of the fish we caught in the heart of the Adirondack forest.

Part II: Sharks

Charlottesville South Carolina is a pretty rad town. I spent quite a bit of time down there as well this summer and caught some really cool fish on a flyrod. My first outing was out on a 25ft boat casting to jetties. Im not an ocean fisherman by any means but I love fishing out there. My wife was the first one of us to hook up with something and it was a fifty pound stingray! The rest of us where using bait and fly rods and started to attract some sharks. Catching a shark on a fly rod is hands down one of the coolest things I’ve done. What a rush! By the way, the food in Charlottesville is totally on par with the fishing. So much sea food and BBQ… its downright sinful. My friend Tom and I hit the paddle boards after the boat trip in a fresh / salt water mixed inlet and had some success. Mostly bass and some redfish. Here are some photos of the trip down south!

My schedule is pretty slammed but I have some dates available toward the end of October. Hit me up if you want to go fishing! Oh and its good to be home! Trout time!