Swift Update / Guiding

dscn5880The Swift is in really good shape right now. Perfect water level, plenty of fish and lots of flies to choose from. I always see guys tying these microscopic flies on 9x tippet… come on now. There are some wonderful bends on this river where you can spice it up and throw streamers and dry flies. For those who read this blog nymphing is not my cup of tea. If thats your idea of fun on a river than by all means have at it. Ill be downriver…

I took a client out on the Swift not to long ago and had a great time sight fishing. So many brookies and the rainbows didn’t dissapoint either.dscn5884dscn5898There is an amazing flying ant hatch that will be on for the next two weeks. Bring some black or amber ant patterns and get in on the madness. Its gonna be epic. dscn5888There are plenty of days to get outside and experience this wonderful river. Hit me up at grantfigura@gmail.com or visit www.northriveranglers.com to book a guided wading trip. dscn5889See you out there!


Explore the Deerfield

I recently had one of those epic days that took me to new places. I’ve been exploring the Deerfield River this Fall with a fresh pair of eyes. There are a lot of places to catch amazing fish on this river. The northern stretches of the Deerfield are wild with untamed terrain. Sharp rocks, steep banks and a lot to see. Bring a friend if you go, no cell service and lots of places to get into trouble. This fall is a great time to explore. Whether its the Deerfield or any other river. The cold temperatures offer a unique opportunity to hike in and experience something new. Even if you get skunked, its a learning experience. Thats half the fun.

There are a lot of blue winged olives and ants kicking around the surface of the water. Dry fly time! The streamer fishing is on par as well. Big flies for big fish. The swift is solid right now as well. Get out and experience this wonderful time of year!



October on the Rivers

dscn5845This is a great time to fish the Deerfield and the Swift. The East Branch of the Westfield is unfortunately still out of commission and shouldn’t really be fished. What do I mean by really? The fish are there but they are stressed and hiding along the banks or at the bottom of few pools that still exist in the gorge. Try exploring new territory this Fall and find some new water. Trust me its worth exploring the many rivers and streams western Massachusetts has to offer. dscn5877Guided wading trips NOW through DECEMBER. Hit me up if you want to catch some fish!