Guiding and a little about the Westfield River

DSCN5025I have spent a lot of time fishing the East Branch of the Westfield River and every time I head out I learn something new. This EB is a beautiful freestone river that beckons to be fished. The landscape is that of a Montana river with huge boulders that break up the water with plenty of room to back cast.  This spring is all about the rainbows on the EB. They are cursing around taking large buggers and fluffy dries. Last Spring the EB had a lot of brookies but not this season. The rainbows are aggressively ruling the water and showing no signs of slowing down. Check this river out, you won’t be disappointed. DSCN5044

East Branch Madness

The fish are hitting everywhere but especially the East Branch of the Westfield River.  Rain has really brought the water level up but that hasn’t stopped the fish from hitting streamers and royal wullfs.  Mayflies are out and the blue winged olives are starting… its more than go time. I’ve been busy in the studio working and busy guiding so a day off was necessary. I headed out early and landed rainbow after rainbow. More rain rolled in and both the fish and myself could’ve cared less.

Spring is one of the best times to see this river for the first time. Bald eagles, great blue herons, salamanders, bears, moose, deer its all down in the gorge. So much to experience. Oh and did I mention fiddle heads… Last fish of the day was an 18 inch brown trout caught in one of my secret spots.

If you want to check this river out and catch some fish. Hit me up at and check out: