Mountain Streams

I headed out to fish the Swift river earlier in the week. Usually this time of year its amazing. Unfortunately its not so hot right now. There are fish there but not above the Rt 9 bridge and they are all stocked. Its also teaming with anglers, to many anglers. All casting to the same stocked fish that are grouped together scared out of thier gourds. Not my thang…

I retreated from the crowded Swift and hiked down a mountain stream that was on my way home. I’ve always wondered what was there but never took the time to scope it out. This was a much better place to catch some trout. Brook trout – lots of brook trout all eager to take a fly. Sometimes its just better to follow an un-fished mountain stream. Peace and tranquility at last.  Cheers.

From The River • Fly Fishing & Fishing Net




Top: “Fly Fishing” – monoprinted hand tied fly with fly fishing line printed on driftwood relief print mounted on reclaimed wooden panel and sealed with beeswax, 2014.


Bottom: “Fishing Net” – monoprinted fishing net printed on driftwood, mounted on reclaimed wooden panel and sealed with beeswax, 2014.


From the River, is a new body of work consisting of found objects taken from the Deerfield River such as driftwood, feathers, leaves, fly fishing line, nets and hand tied flies mono printed on paper. These images are one of a kind prints, reflecting the landscape and inhabitants of the New England landscape.

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Winter is over! The streams and rivers here in New England are finally starting to settle down from the spring run off and rain. Most of the Deerfield River is un-fishable except the catch and release section by fife brook and above. I headed out to try one of my favorite spring tributaries off of the deerfield last week. Its streamer season for sure. This is one of my favorite times of the year to fish. The sediment in the water is settling down, leaving the rivers a brownish green color. Just cloudy enough for larger fish to hit large streamers. Particularly brown trout. Muddler minnows, gold headed buggers, it doesn’t matter. I’ve learned that during this melt the big fish hit big flies. They are hungry and ready for spring, and so am I. Thank G-d.