Early Fall on the Deerfield River

Its finally raining today. With a lot more rain on the way this week the rivers and fish here in western mass will be singing its praises upon arrival. Its been a dry one and this rain will move the fish around and help with the fall stockings for the Millers, Swift, Westfield and Deerfield River. Before the storm today the water was extremely low for about a week on the Deerfield. When the water level drops like that its a great chance to explore new territory that normally is hard to get to.  I took that opportunity to wade into a stretch of water that normally is only accessible by boat. Fast water that was now roughly 3 feet deep. Perfect for streamer fishing!

First cast and I was onto a respectable rainbow. These fish are strong. They are acrobatic and have bad intentions for a streamer if they see it. They’re not shy. It was a great couple of days hitting various spots with the same results – large rainbows! Check out my Guiding Page if you want to learn about the Deerfield or Westfield River and Ill show you where these bruisers are. God I love fall.



October / November • Guided Trips on the Westfield & Deerfield River.

The fall is by far my favorite time of year to fish. The Westfield and Deerfield River transform this time of year and the fishing is incredible.


$190 for a full day (6 hours) and $100 for a half day (3 hours)

I provide the rods, reels, flies and lunch on full day trips.

You provide your waders. I encourage fly fisherman to bring their own fly rod if they prefer it. I find, using what you know produces more fish.

I will also photograph our adventure giving you a copy of the images and post them to this blog, with your consent of course.  



The EB of the Westfield River: Perfect for full day trips! I live about 30 min from the EB of the Westfield and fish it often. The Westfield is a wild, beautiful freestone river that is one of the most serene rivers I’ve ever fished. Once you fish it, your hooked. We will be targeting browns, rainbows and wild brook trout with the occasional but rare tiger trout. The EB is also shallow at points. If you have lightweight breathable waders bring those. It can get hot down in the gorge and I personally like to wear water shoes and wade in the shallows with no waders at all in the evenings.


The Deerfield River: My Front Yard! This river is perfect for half day trips on late afternoons and evenings during the summer. During the magic hour between 6:30 – 8:30 pm browns, rainbows and brookies come to the surface to take a dry. This river has more water that holds some big fish. With its stunning bends and wildlife, you won’t be disappointed.


A little about me.

I am 27, I have been a fly fisherman for roughly 17 years. I got into fly fishing for the love of sight fishing. Mostly all the fish that I catch on the Westfield and Deerfield are caught on streamers, buggers and big fluffy dries. I tend to get bored quickly with nymphing, its really not my thing. So if you prefer nyphming I may not be the guide for you.


What to Bring

 A Massachusetts Freshwater Fishing License is required, Your own waders (inexpensive hip boots usually work), polarized sunglasses, warm clothes for those fall evenings /mornings is essential for a comfortable trip, a hat, sunscreen, you know the drill. As I said before I will provide lunch for full day trips only. Cold cut sandwiches, chips with some refreshments. Let me know if you have any dietary restrictions.


Contact me at grantfigura@gmail.com and Ill put you on the fish!

Streamer Fishing Season!

The fine fisherman of Fly Fishing MA have a great blog with a lot of useful information on the Swift, Millers, EB, Deerfield and many more rivers here in Massachusetts. I was able to share some knowledge on their blog reguarding streamer fishing in the fall. Anyway I thought I would share the write up. Enjoy!

Fall is upon us and with it brings some of the best streamer fishing in New England. I love this time of year because it’s a chance to catch some huge fish on some of my favorite rivers.

I fish the EB of the Westfield and the Deerfield River almost exclusively using streamers this time of year. The brown trout in these rivers are phenomenal predators and they want something substantial to go after. So a little insight on what to throw in the upcoming fall conditions:

1. When the water is low on the EB, Swift, or even the Deerfield, I use a silver/gold bead head olive bugger with a light brown tail with white hackle. It is the single most important streamer that I tie in the fall. Size 12 or 14, not too big. You want this to be an accessible fly that doesn’t sink too fast. Oh, and everything hits it. Browns, brookies, rainbows, it’s a favorite for sure.

2. The second go-to streamer is for the big browns on the Deerfield. It is used right after a rainstorm or the dam gets released. When the water rises, it’s time to break out the six wt. and throw a heavy fly both you and the fish can see. This is, after all, sight fishing. A gold cone headed black bodied streamer with a white tail and some flashing does the trick. It stands out in the water and those hungry bruisers that cruise around in late October / November will thank you for it. This one ranges from size 10 to 16.

3. The Muddler Minnow, what a classic. Always a go-to when there’s a deep pool and cloudy water. Use a gold cone head with red flashing and a white tail. Size 14 or 16. A brown trout favorite.

4. Orange Sculpin: This is a beast. I like to use rubber tubing and an orange body with tinsel and flashing. This is for fast water, and this fly is heavy. Its’ always a good idea to have a heavy streamer like this in your box when the water is moving fast. Some of this biggest trout I’ve caught have been wrestled out of the rapids on the Deerfield. The fluffier the better with these guys.

I will be offering guided wading trips on the EB and the Deerfield River again starting in October. If anyone wants some more insight on streamer fishing and sight fishing in general visit my guiding page on this blog.

Hit me up. I would love to put you on the fish!



Drought & The EB

This trip has been long over-due. I’ve been holding off from fishing the EB for some time now due to the water levels being so low. But enough was enough, it was time to hit it. Flying ants are the name of the game right now and not just on the EB, trout are hitting these bad boys everywhere. Especially on the Swift, good G-d in heaven is the Swift rocking right now… but this is about the EB. The water level was still staggeringly low but the fish were there. Rainbows, browns and even some decent brook trout held out through the dry months of August. They made it this far and its about to pick up real soon. I landed nine fish and lost three, not bad for a dry spell. I also almost back casted into a white-jacket nest. That would have sucked. Anyway, the rain we got the past two days has helped the river tremendously. Its on right now. The end of September and all of October are my favorite times to fish the EB.  I will be guiding those months on that river so hit me up if you want to see this river in all its glory. It truly is beautiful.