The Swift River


I recently took a trip to the Quabbin Reservoir to do some fly fishing on the Swift River. This cold tailwater is a fly fishing paradise with crystal clear water and an abundance of trout.  Hiking up to the catch and release area I caught several 16″ rainbow’s that were eager to take a fly. The only discouraging thing was the overwhelming amount of scars dashed across the rainbow’s body caused by other fisherman. As the morning progressed more and more anglers sifted in. The “Y pool” as the locals call it, was soon clawing with other fly fisherman all casting at the same trout. Shit. On top of that, several guides showed up with clients and began fishing in the same area. I enjoy sharing the river with others but I wanted something a little more tranquil. Arg. Better head down stream. Several hours later I found myself alone and catching not trout, but sucker fish. These fish were incredibly strong, some pushing the 20″ mark. I honestly had more fun catching these fish over the mangled trout I caught earlier. The sucker fish were in schools of 30+ and were feeding on orange stone flies. Hit after hit after hit. Then the brookies decided to join the festivities. Good stuff. Now I see why the Swift is so sought after. Ill be heading back there soon, just farther downstream.