A break from the freeze.

We finally got a break from the common -15 degree days. Thank God. This past Sunday was a balmy 40 degrees! I grabbed my gear and headed to the Swift in hopes to catch some trout. Hauling ass in three feet of snow never felt so good. The sun was out and for a couple of hours the air smelt of spring. This was a good day to hit the river. The snow fell from the trees hitting the river beneath, beautiful, but no fish. I noticed a sucker fish on the ice, ripped apart from the otters that frequent the “Y” pool. Not a single trout in sight there. I think the otters have been busy this winter. I hiked back, got in my car and tried another spot. Finally some luck. I nice 16″ rainbow downstream. Its been a long cold winter and Im ready for spring. Pray that we get an early one this year. There is only so much dust my fly rod can collect… : )