Andy Goldsworthy

Landscape sculptor Andy Goldsworthy is renowned throughout the world for his work in ice, stone, leaves, wood. His own remarkable still photographs are Goldsworthy’s way of talking about his often ephemeral works, of fixing them in time. His work continuously inspires me to look around and soak in what is already in-front of me.  I hope you enjoy his images / documentary as much as I do.

( all video/ photos credited to Andy Goldsworthy)

Buckle Works

Hey friends. Check out this amazing small belt buckle business in Cotuit Massachusetts. Buckle Works specializes in handmade belts, brass and sterling buckles. They create beautiful works of art and each buckle is cast by hand! Here are some of my favorites. For more info visit . Support Local!

All designs / images are copyright to Buckle Works.