10 thoughts on “After the Storm

      1. Thank you. You’re very kind. I’m still learning, but really enjoy it. Oliver Edwards and Davie McPhail are great to watch on youtube. My tying improved a lot from watching them. I can even “hear” their advice sometimes as I tie. Lately, I’ve even made a couple of furled leaders. I’d highly recommend trying some.

      2. Awesome. Ill have to check them out. The more I get into tying the more I realize I only scratch the surface. Ill check out those videos. I’ve been working on some new streamers to try and entice some big browns this winter. We will see.

  1. Tie up some Clouser minnows. I’ve had great success with those when I needed to get deep. Also, marabou streamers tied with Petitjean’s magic tool. The marabou has fantastic action in the water. The currents will make it shimmer like a live fish.

    1. Fantastic. I will check that out too. You are just filled with useful information. Thanks! Oh… check out the Fish Skull and Flymen Fishing Company they have so many great products and flies for bigger fish.

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