Two days before Thanksgiving • The Deerfield River

Before the white-out snow storm that took trees and power lines down all over western mass, I headed to the Deerfield River to catch some browns. The water was murky and filled with sediment from the previous rain and warm spells. I tied on a custom grouse that has a glowing effect in these murky conditions and headed downstream. Several fish took a swing and I managed to hook up with at least seven. All in all a good day. Now that there’s snow on the ground I think I will spend my time on the Swift. Time for micro egg patterns big streamers or even the occasional san juan worm. Tight Lines!

The Swift • late november

This past week I headed to the Swift river to catch some trout. I’ve been consumed with other activities that put my fly fishing obsession on the back burner for the month of October – my favorite time to fish.. I needed to get out and get in the water. I’ve fished the Swift before and was turned off by the insane number of other fly fisherman I was continually bumping into. This is after all one of the more heavily documented and pressured fisheries in New England. I finally saw why. This river holds a lot of brook trout ranging in all sizes. I don’t know what happened from last spring to this fall but what ever it was I want it to continue. Almost every bend contained brookies and rainbows. Colorful beautiful trout. Did I mention that these fish are some of the most pretentious picky eaters I’ve ever had the pleasure to catch. What a challenge. In 37 degrees of pure bliss I was able to catch well over 18 fish.  This is definitely where I will be all winter long. See you there!