Lost Adventure – Bottom Creek Gorge

Well, I managed to lose this little adventure from Virginia to western Massachusetts. Lost in a sea of photos was a trip a friend and myself took to Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve in Virginia.

This one powerful mountain stream forms a stair-step series of broad-basin waterfalls known as the “kettles.” Bottom Creek feeds into the Roanoke River with lots of power. Rapids tend to form through its drops and turns after the snow melts from the Winter.  Flanking Bottom Creek are forests of mixed hardwoods (tulip poplar, maple, oak, hickory) and upland meadows. There are four rare species of fish here, the orangefin madtom, the bigeye jumprock, the riverweed darter and the Roanoke darter. It also contains approximately 10 percent of all fish species known from Virginia, including native brook trout.

I had a blast.