And… boom goes the dynamite.

Every once in a while you hook up with a fish that gives you a run for your money. This, was one of those times.

I had been fishing all day with little success. The sun was out the breeze was blowing, a hatch was on. Everything was in order except the fish. Proceeding down the river agitated and unsatisfied, I came across a series of pools. 


Peering down the river I noticed some small rises. I tied on a new dry attempting to entice a brown. Casting to various pools I saw a train move by. 

SANY0977                                                       SANY0978

Finally I came to a large opening. Quick water that rushed into a deep pool where I hoped to catch anything at this point. Tying on a new bugger patten I’ve been working on I gave a long cast into the pool. Boom!

Picture 1

This 22” rainbow had bad intentions for that fly. Excited and in fear of losing the fish, I followed him downstream for about 10 minutes.  I was using my 4wt St Croix Imperial rod and this fish gave me a run. Good Day! 


The Smith

Ah winter, the time of year to stay inside, tie flies by the fire and let your gear collect dust.   False.

Although this snowy season presents its challenges the rewards can be great. Like most obsessive fisherman, I continually search for a body of water that hits all the sweet spots. This January I discovered a section of the Smith river that met all my requirements. This 20 Mile tailwater starts at the base of Philpott Dam VA. With a consistent temperature of 50 degrees (even in the summer time) it supports a thriving population of native brown trout.

The Smith has is all- tranquil beauty, native trout, a healthy population of birds / insects and enough room to get lost.

This is one river that deserves some love.

Long Live Catch & Release – Cheers.