And… boom goes the dynamite.

Every once in a while you hook up with a fish that gives you a run for your money. This, was one of those times.

I had been fishing all day with little success. The sun was out the breeze was blowing, a hatch was on. Everything was in order except the fish. Proceeding down the river agitated and unsatisfied, I came across a series of pools. 


Peering down the river I noticed some small rises. I tied on a new dry attempting to entice a brown. Casting to various pools I saw a train move by. 

SANY0977                                                       SANY0978

Finally I came to a large opening. Quick water that rushed into a deep pool where I hoped to catch anything at this point. Tying on a new bugger patten I’ve been working on I gave a long cast into the pool. Boom!

Picture 1

This 22” rainbow had bad intentions for that fly. Excited and in fear of losing the fish, I followed him downstream for about 10 minutes.  I was using my 4wt St Croix Imperial rod and this fish gave me a run. Good Day! 


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