Burks Fork

Burks Fork is a well known hot spot for the locals of Floyd county. This meandering stream runs through fields and cattle farms beneath the shadow of buffalo mountain. I love to fish this stream once summer shows its true colors because its a chance to catch  some sizable fish  (if you know where to look). This stream is a class “A” stocked stream which means it’s stocked about 8 times a year. The one negative thing about Burks is that its inconsistent. Once stocked, you can count on the steam to be overrun… hardly a place for solitude. Oh, and the water depth is constantly changing due to rainstorms and hot spells. Aside from that, Burks proves to be a wonderful place to enjoy a beer and catch a few brown trout.

I find the best time of year to fish this stream is early winter and early summer because there’s no one there. At various points you fish alongside cattle, ducks and other farm animals. Its great. Burks is also a wonderful place to learn how to fly fish. At several points the stream opens into fields. No trees and a carefree backcast make it easier for beginners to focus of fly presentation and landing a fish. If you’re in the area hit this little gem up.


15 thoughts on “Burks Fork

    1. Most of the trout range from seven to twelve inches with the occasional eighteen incher. You definitely need to hunt for the larger fish. Species usually range from browns, rainbows, and sometimes a native brook trout. There aren’t a lot of hold over fish at Burks but if you hook up with one you know it. Tight lines!

    1. No worries. I usually fish size 12 nymphs with the occasional olive wooly bugger. Like most streams, I use an arsenal of flies but a gold beaded prince nymph is always a good start. Good luck!

  1. once I get a lay of the land I’ll be looking for some FF instruction for my wife.
    Do you have any interest? if so what would you charge per hr.?

    1. Unfortunately I’m no longer in the area. I recently moved to Western Massachusetts in my search of started a guiding business here. An amazing guide in your area is Mike Smith. He does private lessons and river floats check him out at New River Fly Fishing .com. I did a float with him on the New River and he is one knowledgeable dude.

  2. at our local barbershop, there is a 26 inch brook trout….guess over 5 pounds…supposedly from Burks Fork several years ago….is this possible ?

    1. Wow. That is most definitely possible. Burkes fork has some secret gems where the fish can grow up to 18 – 20 inches. West of Buffalo Mountain are some sweet spots where brook trout tend to flourish. Also, when Burkes collides with Big Reed Island creek the size of these fish increases dramatically. If you do go out and catch a hold over like that brookie, its best to let them go. Most of the larger fish are responsible for keeping the river healthy and full of other trout.

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