River Update • Open Dates in June

Tis the season! Troutland is off to a bang here in Western MA. All the rivers are stocked and at proper (normal) water levels. I’ve been fishing some new water as well as some old on the Deerfield River. So much to explore! I still have some dates open in June and would love to show you the lay of the land out here. June is a perfect time to fish the Deerfield River. Lots of hatches – mayflies, blue winged olives, caddis, moths, grasshoppers. Needless to say, its on in June. Its also a great time of year for half day trips in the evening. If you’ve never been dry fly fishing, now’s the time to get on the water!

The Swift is in full swing. Lots of people though. My advice is to explore other rivers and visit the Swift once everything else warms up, because the Swift stays cold even in the dead of summer! Now is the time to check out other rivers and streams that you’ve driven past and wanted to explore.

The Westfield is looking great right now. Lots of activity on the West Branch and the Middle Branch. Go scope it out! Its one of the most beautiful rivers in Massachusetts and it holds a lot of fish! For the brook trout junkies, look at the brooks that feed into the Westfield on google maps and go exploring! You might find some real honey holes! Bring Yellow or Orange Stimulators and some Parachute Adams dry flies. Small olive buggers with a gold bead head also crush it on this river. Go nuts!

Visit www.northriveranglers.com if you want to book a trip! See you out there!

– Grant

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