Winter Fly Fishing! Ready Go!

This winter is a good one. It hasn’t been to cold and with moderate snowfall the rivers seem to be healthy and happy.

The Swift it on right now. There are LARGE hold-over fish kicking around cruising up and down the river. A little advice…go for a hike south of RT 9, trust me Its worth it. This time of year is a great time to go streamer fishing on the Swift. Work the banks and work them slow. Watch the river and cast into faster moving water . Sight fishing is the name of the game on the Swift and with little debris on the surface, you can see almost everything in the water this time of year.


I headed out there this past Sunday and fished for four hours or so. Lots of activity. I walked down to some of my favorite large pools and looked for areas with the most current. I love the underwater vegetation on the Swift. It breathes as you fish around it. Sometimes I feel like Im at the ocean and the current is moving beneath my legs. 


Several brown trout hit and a large rainbow. Good times on the Swift.

The Deerfield has got some snow! Its a different world the further you travel up to Vermont. Fish with a buddy If you do decide to bare the elements and be a badass. Its also worth the trip. Few fish up there hitting right now but the ones that strike are amazing. I a big rainbow right after the snow storm a couple weeks ago on a streamer. Beautiful river! dscn4726dscn4721dscf1808dscn4650dscn0425


ps: Hit me up if you want to secure a date in May. Its never to early to plan out a guided fishing adventure!  •

  • Grant

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