Explore the Deerfield

I recently had one of those epic days that took me to new places. I’ve been exploring the Deerfield River this Fall with a fresh pair of eyes. There are a lot of places to catch amazing fish on this river. The northern stretches of the Deerfield are wild with untamed terrain. Sharp rocks, steep banks and a lot to see. Bring a friend if you go, no cell service and lots of places to get into trouble. This fall is a great time to explore. Whether its the Deerfield or any other river. The cold temperatures offer a unique opportunity to hike in and experience something new. Even if you get skunked, its a learning experience. Thats half the fun.

There are a lot of blue winged olives and ants kicking around the surface of the water. Dry fly time! The streamer fishing is on par as well. Big flies for big fish. The swift is solid right now as well. Get out and experience this wonderful time of year!



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