Now Guiding on the SWIFT!

I have been putting this river off on my guiding list for some time now. But no more! I love this river despite its occasional crowds of people and I want to show others the beauty of the Swift. It is time.DSCN5554The Swift River is a beautiful tailwater fishery that flows directly out of the Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts. Its a hop skip and a jump from Boston and makes for some of the best dry fly / sight fishing in the state.

DSCF3571The Swift has a popular catch and release stretch with anglers throwing microscopic flies to some VERY educated, pretentious trout. (boring) I do not guide there. The Swift has miles of water below that stretch teaming with brook trout and oversized browns.

DSCN5547I will show you some of the lesser known locations on the Swift with trout eager to take a fly no mater what time of year. The brook trout population is incredible on this tailwater and its on of the best rivers to learn how to fly fish or just brush up on your skills. I know you will fall in love with this river like I have over the years. Give it a shot!

Email me at to book a trip.


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