Westfield River Update & Guiding on the Deerfield

The heat and lack of rain is really effecting the EB. The water is low and the fish are spooky. There are still places to catch good fish if you know where to go but this is not the Westfield I was fishing three weeks ago. That being said the time to fish this river is in the evening. Lots of hatches and the rainbows come alive on the surface around 6pm. DSCN5383 Royal Wulffs, Blue Winged Olives, Adams Flies and Orange Stimulators are killing it on the EB and the Deerfield River. The magic hour on the Deerfield is bringing some big fish to the surface. Guiding on the Deerfield in the evening has been amazing. Here’s Dan with his first rainbow trout on the fly. Not bad at all! DSCN5358If you want to book a guided wading trip or lesson, hit me up at www.northriveranglers.com and ill put you on the fish!



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