Floating the Swift & Saving for a Drift Boat

I’ve been floating the Swift River for some time now in my one person canoe on my day off. What a place. I love floating this river, It presents so many opportunities to fish water where few people have fished. Did I mention that there are some HUGE fish in the Swift. One of the reasons I keep coming back to the Swift is the brook trout population. DSCN5285

More brook trout than one angler knows what to do with. I don’t guide on this river due to the crowds and the over fished catch and release area. Its a fine area to fish by yourself If you haven’t done it but its not exactly where I want to take clients. What I really want for myself and for my clients is a western style drift boat. I am saving for one of these bad boys and the first river on my list to float is the Swift. If anyone who reads this blog knows of a guide that is selling their drift boat please let me know. Im trying to expand the waters I fish and a drift boat is my next step. See you out there!DSCN5267




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