Guiding and a little about the Westfield River

DSCN5025I have spent a lot of time fishing the East Branch of the Westfield River and every time I head out I learn something new. This EB is a beautiful freestone river that beckons to be fished. The landscape is that of a Montana river with huge boulders that break up the water with plenty of room to back cast.  This spring is all about the rainbows on the EB. They are cursing around taking large buggers and fluffy dries. Last Spring the EB had a lot of brookies but not this season. The rainbows are aggressively ruling the water and showing no signs of slowing down. Check this river out, you won’t be disappointed. DSCN5044

2 thoughts on “Guiding and a little about the Westfield River

  1. Hi Grant,
    I just recently discovered your website, keep up the good work especially the outstanding photographs. I was out on the Middle Branch last Friday and got into some nice Rainbows as well.
    Have you ever had success on the Lower East Branch,below Indian Hollow? Real trouty looking water, but I’ve had limited success.

    Tight lines,
    Chris Crosby

    1. Hey Chris,
      Thanks for checking out my site. I have fished the lower east branch many times. You have to work for them but the rewards are great. Im happy to hear you are catching fish on the middle branch. Love that stretch. Cheers!

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