Swift River Brook Trout


The Swift River is the place to catch big brook trout. It may be a well know, crowded fly fishing location in Massachusetts but this little gem houses some big fish. I don’t guide on this river due to the abundance of people and generally float it nowadays. Just south of the “Pipe” pool the fishing can be challenging but worth the effort. Why? There are some huge brook trout south of the catch and release stretch. I landed a 17″ brookie along with several others hitting the 14″ mark. These larger fish are waking up and hitting big flies. Are you a dry fly fanatic? Hatches have already started!


Mid March is a great time of year to use olive buggers and do some serious sight fishing on the swift. The time to catch big fish on this river is right now. Oh and if you do catch a “breeder” as I like to call them, please handle them with care and send them on their way, they are the backbone of the brook trout population on this river. Im booking trips on the Westfield and Deerfield for the spring. Hit me up if you want to catch some fish at grantfigura@gmail.com or visit my new guiding website. www.northriveranglers.com 

It has begun! See you out there!


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