Off The Beaten Path

This mild winter has produced some phenomenal winter fly fishing here in western Massachusetts. Temperatures in the 40’s and mid 50’s are enticing for both the fisherman and the fish. I’ve spent most of my time on the Swift river during this moderate weather. Knowing the Swift to be a popular destination for many (even in the winter months) I found myself exploring a stretch of water that I’ve never fished before. I wanted to get past the crowds and experience something new. Oh and I was after brook trout. The Swift is a prime spot for these all American fish. From September through December its not uncommon to catch 20+ brookies in one outing. I also happen to think that brook trout are the most beautiful. Needless to say, I love brook trout.

Now anyone who has recently fished the Swift knows that above and below the Rt 9 bridge has little to no brook trout kicking around. Even by the fallen trees and enticing debris by the outer perimeter of the river its rare that you will hook up with one in the winter months. As I pushed father and farther downstream I found a run where the brook trout are still able and willing to take down a fly. Warm stretches like this are great because the fish come out of their winter slump. They are more active and feed more often. These brookies where after anything that drifted their way. What a time. I must have caught 16 or so in this one honey hole.

Sometimes the best fishing happens when you try something new. What a winter!



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