Late January on the Swift River

This week brought some warmer weather to the Swift river so obviously I had to stretch my legs and head out. The river is pretty low right now and the fish are lethargic and spook easily. Its hard fishing but its worth it. The beavers have declared war on the surrounding trees lining the banks just past Candy Lane. Its amazing what these little guys are doing and its making some great cover for the fish to hide from the many birds overhead. As I was fishing a Great Blue Heron glided right in front of me when I was in the water. I could feel the wind from its wings as it flew by only six feet from my face. Not soon after that I spotted a Bald Eagle on patrol, flying up and down the river. Winter is a great time to see these beautiful predators hunting. Its amazing.

I tried all my usual flies but nothing seamed to be working. I’ve found that in the winter months trout either want something crazy small – like size 22 / 26 or the total opposite, a big fluffy bugger. I finally caved in after seeing fish after fish reject my flies and tied on a San Juan Worm. I don’t really like fishing with San Juan Worms but sometimes they do the trick. First cast out. Bam! So when all els fails tie on one of these bad boys and give it a shot. I caught five fish total, which I’ll take in late January! The last fish of the day was 17” and caught on an olive bugger in fast water. Good end to a good day.



ps: Its not over yet. The Swift still has fish kicking around and the freeze might not happen until mid February! Get out and catch some fish!

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