Swift River • Its almost over

This past Sunday I headed down to the Swift for a bit. I found myself feeling the first real chill of December with the high being around 38 degrees. The brookies have checked out for the season. They had a good run but retreated downriver for the winter. Still lots of rainbows around and even some browns. I was using a fly that I created for the Swift that is a hybrid of a soft hackle stonefly with a little bit of copper for the abdomen and olive dubbing for the thorax. Throw in some dyed elk hair for a little tail and voila. This little beauty can fool some big fish on the Swift. The overfished pretentious trout that can be found in the “Y” pool don’t really dig it but I don’t really dig them either. Win-win. As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, overfished spots are not my destination. Sight fishing is my game. I want to see my fly and usually stay away from the size 22 flies with a strike indicator. Say what you will about the success rate of strike indicators. But lets be honest – its a bobber. A sleek, agile bobber but a bobber non the less.

If you’re going to use a strike indicator for those picky fish check out the New Zealand Strike Indicator. There’s no other way in my opinion. This thing is so well designed and easy to use its silly. Here is a link to check it out: https://vimeo.com/63412360  

Anyway, several swift bows took my hybrid design and I had a blast catching these hogs. Three where pushing 18 inches and I saw a swift river monster brown cruising around. One day. The catch and release close date is upon us and soon the swift will be flooded with people catching and keeping all that they can. Above RT 9 will be the only safe haven. It was a great season and its not totally over yet! Keep fishing.



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