Swift River Update

I headed out to the Swift river today to do a little pre-birthday fly fishing. It was 56 degrees on the Swift and the fish were everywhere. Oh, and so were the fisherman. I had to get away from the crowds so I headed to some of my favorite spots that not to many people know about. The brook trout population is solid right now. Lots of brookies ranging into the 12 inch mark. I hooked up with some amazing rainbows that went for my custom stonefly-bugger hybrid. Its a  strange fly but it does the trick. The water level is a little low but the fish don’t seam to mind. Above Rt 9 is a little like a circus. So many different characters all going after the same fish. Its a little disheartening seeing so many people casting at petrified trout but there are worse things I guess. I recommend having your own adventure and hiking downstream where the water is a little more exciting with fallen trees and eager brook trout. I landed sixteen fish today so all around a pretty phenomenal outing.

What made this trip a particularly good was catching the trio. I always love it when I catch brookies, rainbows and browns together. What a great thing. I also saw a school of some of the largest brown trout I’ve ever seen. In 18 years of fly fishing these hogs took it. One of them could have been 10 lbs. Unfortunately I spooked the school and they took off… Dammit.  I won’t say where I was but there are some true monsters in the Swift. These fish are incredibly smart and picky. You are most likely to see them at dusk charging at small brookies. If you do see one just watch it for a little while to see what the fish’s temperament is. Is it hitting small flies on the surface? Is the fish aggressively attacking small brookies? Plan your attack! If you see that the fish is after bait fish – throw on a streamer and hold on. Keep searching and you might hook up with one. As for me Ill tell you when I do. Keep fishing, the seasons not over yet!!!




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