River Update


The leaves are down, its dark at 4:30, the end of the season is near. Don’t give up yet! There are still opportunities to catch some big fish before the snow rolls in and takes our joy away. All of the rivers are perfect right now for streamer fishing!

The Deerfield:

The water levels are perfect and most of the leaves have cleared out of the way. This is a perfect opportunity to throw big flies for big fish. Big Buggers, Muddler Minnows, White Streamers, and anything with a gold beaded head works right now. The large rainbows are fattening up for the winter and want something substantial! No size 22 nymphs on this river. Gear up and be warm. Don’t skimp or be under-prepared when fishing in November or December. It can make or break your day when you are cold and miserable.

The EB of The Westfield River: 

Perfect water level right now. Cover as much water as you can. There are fish there you just have to hike around and find them. Trust me the hold over fish in the Chesterfield Gorge are well worth the hike! Use small olive buggers and large fluffy dries if it gets warm in the middle of the day. Royal Wulffs, Orange Stimulators and even Caddis flies are still working.

The Swift: 

Good God Ya’ll. This river is still on fire. So many fish so little daylight. The brook trout population has skyrocketed this fall and is standing strong. Use large black stoneflies and fat nymphs to catch the attention of the larger brookies. Below the Rt 9 bridge is where its at. Lots of browns and rainbows pushing the 18” mark and like the Deerfield trout, they want something worth expelling energy for. Use Buggers! Throw them in the fast water and see what happens… Above is a 19″ rainbow caught on the Swift a week ago. Just sayin’

Hit me up in the Spring for a personal Guided Trip!

Fish long and prosper!

– Grant

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