November Rainbows • Feeding Time

It’s been a warm November with temperatures hitting in the low 70’s here in Western Massachusetts. I cant get over how amazing the fishing’s been. The Deerfield has a lot of large rainbows hitting big flies right now. Streamers are your best friend in November. The fish are getting ready for the freeze and want to gorge themselves before winter. Fish mid day for these cruising bows. The sun is setting around 5pm and the best time to go is when there’s the most activity on the water around 11am – 3pm. Hatches have been pretty consistent once it hits 64 degrees – flying ants are still kicking around and I’ve even seen some moth hatches alongside the deerfield. Use big fluffy dries if you still cant give up the surface action. Remember the fluffier the better on the Deerfield. There is a lot of water to cover and these fish are BIG. Lets keep this train a rolling the season’s not over yet. Fish on!



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