Fish Everywhere!

Well it is prime time right now my friends. All the rivers here in western mass have received their fall stocking and the fish are everywhere. The Deerfield is absolutely incredible right now with hold over fish from the previous years cruising around going after streamers and any sizable fly. The East Branch on the Westfield is just silly. I went there over the weekend and caught over 46 trout I stopped counting after a while, its just to much fun right now. If you are a novice to these rivers and want an in-depth look into how to catch fish there. Hit me up at and ill put you on the fish!

See you on the river!



2 thoughts on “Fish Everywhere!

    1. Hey Eamonn, I usually use olive wooly buggers with a gold beaded head with white hackle for a streamer along with some custom tied buggers. Dries – all the essentials: Orange stimulators, Royal Wulff, Caddis, Blue Winged Olives. Fluffy is best on the EB. I don’t usually nymph on the Westfield. Hope that helps.

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