The Swift River • October

I finally made it out to the Swift River. The Deerfield’s been holding my attention for the majority of the season but I just had to leave it for a while. First off, I have several beefs with the Swift.

One: There are fisherman EVERYWHERE! Its annoying and all of them are casting to the same stocked fish.

Two: There are some individuals that visit the river on a regular basis who act as if the Swift and its banks are their personal garbage can. The last thing I want to see when Im  fly fishing is a bud light can.

Three: The stretch of water from the “Y” pool down to Rt 9 is like an amassment park for fly fisherman. It is well maintained with wooden steps guiding you down to the river and even a bridge that crosses the stream at the base of the Quabbin Dam. Great for older fly fisherman who cant really get around anymore but hardly a “wild” place to catch fish.

Ok now that I got that out of my system I can tell you why the Swift is awesome. There are places where you will see little to no fisherman but you have to know where to go and sometimes that requires a canoe or a long walk. I’ve fished this river for a while now and now know that drifting the Swift with a boat is the way to go. Also, the farther you get away from the Rt 9 bridge the wilder the Swift becomes. The water is crystal clear with an amazing amount of aquatic life and plenty of hatches. The fish can get huge due to the amount of food this perfect little ecosystem provides. Brook trout move throughout the Swift’s bends at every turn. They are near fallen trees under embankments and will hit just about anything you throw at them.

October is a great time to visit the Swift. The fish are starting to get more aggressive and they will let you know it. The veteran trout are harder to catch. They are snooty and want something particular and precise. The Swift is a challenge and a wonderful place to catch trout. It has its pros and its cons but when it comes down to it this river is one of the best in Western Massachusetts. See you there soon!



2 thoughts on “The Swift River • October

  1. Great report! I’ve come around to the Swift over the years. Not wild, but I like knowing that I am fishing in an area with fish, was. some rivers where I cast for hours with no signs of life. Is that a woolly bugger in that ‘bow’s mouth, or a big stonefly?

    1. Thanks Scott. Yeah that fly is a cross between the two. It acts like a stonefly but has some hackle around the body to make it more beefy and enticing. I tie that one up specifically for the Swift. Its a great fly.

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