Early Fall on the Deerfield River

Its finally raining today. With a lot more rain on the way this week the rivers and fish here in western mass will be singing its praises upon arrival. Its been a dry one and this rain will move the fish around and help with the fall stockings for the Millers, Swift, Westfield and Deerfield River. Before the storm today the water was extremely low for about a week on the Deerfield. When the water level drops like that its a great chance to explore new territory that normally is hard to get to.  I took that opportunity to wade into a stretch of water that normally is only accessible by boat. Fast water that was now roughly 3 feet deep. Perfect for streamer fishing!

First cast and I was onto a respectable rainbow. These fish are strong. They are acrobatic and have bad intentions for a streamer if they see it. They’re not shy. It was a great couple of days hitting various spots with the same results – large rainbows! Check out my Guiding Page if you want to learn about the Deerfield or Westfield River and Ill show you where these bruisers are. God I love fall.



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