Drought & The EB

This trip has been long over-due. I’ve been holding off from fishing the EB for some time now due to the water levels being so low. But enough was enough, it was time to hit it. Flying ants are the name of the game right now and not just on the EB, trout are hitting these bad boys everywhere. Especially on the Swift, good G-d in heaven is the Swift rocking right now… but this is about the EB. The water level was still staggeringly low but the fish were there. Rainbows, browns and even some decent brook trout held out through the dry months of August. They made it this far and its about to pick up real soon. I landed nine fish and lost three, not bad for a dry spell. I also almost back casted into a white-jacket nest. That would have sucked. Anyway, the rain we got the past two days has helped the river tremendously. Its on right now. The end of September and all of October are my favorite times to fish the EB.  I will be guiding those months on that river so hit me up if you want to see this river in all its glory. It truly is beautiful.



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