After A Rainstorm

The Deerfield River is a perfect level right now. The water levels come down quite a bit from the full day of rain we had a while back. The water is murky and the fish are hitting big flies. After a rainstorm is one of my favorite times to go fly fishing. Some of the larger trout come out into the currents they normally wouldn’t go due to the clear water. This murky water provides these big fish cover from predators but not from me… I landed a 19” rainbow on a hefty gold coned bugger.  Oh, and these rainbows fight like trains!

The FLY: Throw big streamers with white tails, anything that makes your fly visible to you and the fish. After a storm there usually is various debris floating on the surface of the water and little to nothing is hatching. Throwing a dry in these conditions isn’t the best thing to do. These big trout want minnows and baitfish. I like to take apart bass lures with reflective material and tie them on the tails of my streamers. Use heavy fly tying materials to get those streamers down. The fish will thank you for it.

Go get-um!

– Grant

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