Un-Gear yourself!

Summer is right around the corner and fly fishing on the Westfield River is incredible right now. The little rainfall we got helped the water level and the fish. I headed out there not to long ago and had a 17 trout day! It was epic to say the least. One thing that I always find funny when the weather gets hot is the amount of fisherman that I see head to tow in gear. Its 86 degrees with little to no wind and there are guys sweating their asses off in thick fly fishing jackets over waders that go up to their necks and then suited up with a backpack and net. The Westfield is rather shallow. You don’t need crazy high waders that choke you. In-fact you don’t need a whole heck of a lot at all.

Its time once again to un-grear yourself and get back to the basics. The sport of fly fishing has a habit of being all about the gear. Outfitting companies try and pitch you a lifestyle that you think you need to be a successful fisherman. This is just not true. Get comfortable out there. Its hot, and you will catch more fish when you aren’t sweating profusely into the river.

I like to fish the Westfield in shorts and a teeshirt with water-shoes as my waders. The least I can carry the better. A fly rod, a single box my favorite flies and a backpack are all I  need to have a carefree comfortable time on The EB. Oh and beer. Don’t forget beer.



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