The EB • pt 1

The East Branch on the Westfield River is so on right now. Actually, everywhere in Western Massachusetts is on right now. The rivers are teaming with trout and dry fly season is starting early this year. Over The past two weekends I fished the EB twice and caught a lot of fish. Mostly brook trout with the occasional brown and some rainbows thrown in the mix. The holy trinity. The brookies darted for olive wooly buggers and any fat fly thrown at them for that matter. These little guys put up quite the fight and had some serious acrobatics. The EB has always been one of my favorite rivers to fly fish due to the fact that you have to hike in to find the good spots. The river really makes you work for its secrets and I really dig that. There are a lot of fisherman that fish the EB so it does get a lot of pressure but keep walking and you’ll find some gems.

Fishing has always been about travel and seeing the unseen. Hiking into the wild and being apart of what is right in front of you. Its easy to do that on the Westfield The EB is wild and beautiful. A place to slow down and walk softly.



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