May on the Deerfield River

It has been one hot, dry introduction to spring. The place to fish for me in these early spring hot spells is the Deerfield River. It stays cool on those high 80 degree days and holds some beautiful trout. The EB of the Westfield is another river that is out of this world right now, but more on that later…

I want to talk about the amazing brown trout that have been so prodominent this spring on the Deerfield. So many browns! This past outing I hiked down into one of my favorite gorges and caught some serious fish. A 19″ brown on the second cast, yes please. Oh, and another seven after that ranging from 14 to 16 inches. What!?! These fish are aggressive and want big fat flies. Not some little nymph that you dead drift down the rapids. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for nymphing but its not now. These are fast fighting beautiful fish that deserve to be admired and then safely released back home.

Gold bead headed buggers, huge orange stimulators, bright white streamers with reflective tinsile, big flies for big water. Now get out there and have an adventure.



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