The Deerfield River • TAGS N TROUT

Two weeks ago I headed out to the catch and release section of the Deerfield River below fife brook. The stretch at fife brook isn’t really my cup of tea and seamed to be crowed with other fisherman anyway. It is a pretty place to fish but there it is little room to backcast, is used as a boat launch by many and the fish seem to be spooky due to that. So, I headed downstream to a section where I had a lot of luck the spring before. I hooked up with some gorgeous browns and a rainbow or two. Great so far! Hiking farther down I casted into a pool and immediately a brown took my streamer. Upon further inspection I noticed a strange pink thing attached to its fin and thought at first glance it was a pink San Juan worm some other fisherman had fowled on the poor fishes back.

It was in-fact a Tag that read, “TAGS N TROUT 2015.” What the hell is this? I cut the tag and sent the fish on his way. Then I caught another fish with the same tag but different number. As with anything in question, I consulted the Gods and google said this :

“A number of trout are tagged and stocked into selected trout-stocked waters in Massachusetts. The tagged trout are sponsored by a local sportsmen’s club, business, or other entity. Any angler who catches a trout with a colored tag will receive a prize from the sponsor. Tags are a different color each year; only tags from the current year will receive a prize. The program ends on October 15 each year.”

So its an awards program. Weird and somewhat cool. I don’t really like the fact that stockies are getting plastic tags put in their backs. I still don’t know what I won. I have to contact MassWildlife and check it out. Anyway, it was one beautifully strange outing.




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