Mountain Streams

I headed out to fish the Swift river earlier in the week. Usually this time of year its amazing. Unfortunately its not so hot right now. There are fish there but not above the Rt 9 bridge and they are all stocked. Its also teaming with anglers, to many anglers. All casting to the same stocked fish that are grouped together scared out of thier gourds. Not my thang…

I retreated from the crowded Swift and hiked down a mountain stream that was on my way home. I’ve always wondered what was there but never took the time to scope it out. This was a much better place to catch some trout. Brook trout – lots of brook trout all eager to take a fly. Sometimes its just better to follow an un-fished mountain stream. Peace and tranquility at last.  Cheers.

3 thoughts on “Mountain Streams

  1. Just found your blog; it’s great! I’m in Eastern MA, but I come out to your area to fish as much as I can.

    Beautiful small stream – I’ll fish a stream like that over the Swift any day! Your second to last picture perfectly captures a Massachusetts stream – hemlocks, blue-green water, and some nice plunge pools.

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