Brookies & Blizzard’s

There are fly fishing outings that remind me why I’m in love with catching fish in the first place. This was definitely one of those times. I headed to the Swift on December 12th. Snow was falling in huge clumps across my car windshield as I pulled into the parking area. I got out of my car and the smell of evergreen greeted me along with the crisp air. No one in sight… Hell yes.

I immediately went to the bubbler run and walked from the “Y” pool down toward Rt 9. Four hours of snowy bliss. I caught several small brookies and some larger 16″ rainbows using a gold headed olive bugger. The fishing tapered off for a while as I headed down stream. The snow was steadily falling across the water and on my jacket. 32 degrees. I started focusing on the various fallen trees by the banks and got a huge strike. A monster Brook Trout! Then another. The fishing turned from nothing to everything in seconds. So many  brook trout. I don’t know where they all came from. Tree after tree. Boom! By far one of the most epic outings I’ve had on this river. I caught three brookies ranging from 16″ to an 18″ hog I landed next to a bend that will remain nameless… (you know, finding these brutes is half the fun!)

Some winter flies that I swear by are:

1) Red micro egg patterns – I tie them using 18 and 20 egg/scud hooks with just a bit of flash on the pattern. A killer next to fallen logs and quick runs.

2) Orange / Pink San Juan Worms – Yes they do work and yes they can make your outing in the winter when the trout are lethargic and picky.

3) Pin Heads – These can fool those picky Swift tail water rainbows. A great fly when doubling up!

Tight Lines!

– Grant

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