The Swift • late november

This past week I headed to the Swift river to catch some trout. I’ve been consumed with other activities that put my fly fishing obsession on the back burner for the month of October – my favorite time to fish.. I needed to get out and get in the water. I’ve fished the Swift before and was turned off by the insane number of other fly fisherman I was continually bumping into. This is after all one of the more heavily documented and pressured fisheries in New England. I finally saw why. This river holds a lot of brook trout ranging in all sizes. I don’t know what happened from last spring to this fall but what ever it was I want it to continue. Almost every bend contained brookies and rainbows. Colorful beautiful trout. Did I mention that these fish are some of the most pretentious picky eaters I’ve ever had the pleasure to catch. What a challenge. In 37 degrees of pure bliss I was able to catch well over 18 fish.  This is definitely where I will be all winter long. See you there!

7 thoughts on “The Swift • late november

    1. Thanks! Yeah streamers are the way to go in this cold weather. I tied up a couple them up for this trip and also caught some on a #16 scud. Let me know how you do when you go.

      1. Thanks for the tip, Grant! Will start with swinging some wets (I’ve tied some soft hackles and will try Serendipities) in tandem with pheasant tail nymphs. Have never fished the Swift. Hope the cold weather wards off most anglers….

      2. well, Sunday was my first outing at the Swift and it was curious indeed.

        landed 2 small brookies. hooked a huge rainbow, which broke off my 7x. hooked another rainbow, but set the hook prematurely.

        cool to try a new river, but honestly, am not sure i enjoyed the crowds, and the fact that i cast to visible trout over and over with fly after fly. then again, it was nice to be outside, and so, these are First World Problems, i know!

      3. Thats great! Im with you 100% on avoiding the crowds. Unfortunately that river gets so much pressure that it at times can lead to not so great of an experience. I like to head out there in rainy or snowy weather and have the place all to myself. Also if you hike past the pipe pool (to the right on river rd) down from the hatchery, you are almost guaranteed to be left alone in beautiful silence. Hope you land some of the swifts larger brookies soon. They are amazing! Cheers!

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