Catch & Release • EB

Fall is here and the EB could use a little water. The fish have been concentrated clinging under banks trying to avoid the revealing sun. G-d I hope we get some rain soon. One positive thing about shallow water is that it brings me to new places. I don’t fish the usual runs when the water is nearly unfishable.  Looking on my map I decided to hike into an area of the EB I’ve never been before. Pushing through nearly fifty feet of brush and a very obnoxious pricker bush, I found it. A sweet bend in the river that had some good sized fish. Rainbows! Lots of rainbows. I also lost a huge brown. You know, one of those fish that hits, runs and you lose him soon after… swearing follows along with self doubt and crippling excitement. Yeah, that fish.  After losing that brute I started to think about how special this river is to me and so many others. Iv’e always admired how the East Branch of the Westfield River is Catch & Release. I find it so rewarding to see other fisherman catch a fish and send it on its way. Good stuff.

5 thoughts on “Catch & Release • EB

  1. Nice man, and I do know that fish well! EB must have been real low, but thankfully it’s been cool enough. This rain should help, though a bit more would have been nice. I’ve been exploring some new-to-me spots on the Deerfield in this low water and found some really nice looking water and some decent fish as well.

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