September on the Deerfield River

DSCF3213 DSCF3219

September is rocking right now on the Deerfield River. Plenty of trout rising all day for dries. With temperatures in the mid 60’s the fish have been active and eager to take everything from streamers, nymphs and dries. The Deerfield is one of the best fisheries in western mass. Don’t get me wrong, it has its challenges but is well worth all the time and reconnaissance  it takes to learn its ways. Whether you are a drift boat fisherman or want a perfect run to wade this river has a stretch for you. Get out there and enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “September on the Deerfield River

  1. Where have you been fishing the Deerfield? I hit the Wilcox Hollow area a couple times this week. Saw a lot of bugs around but precious few fish rising. They were plenty hungry subsurface and occasionally willing to come up to a hopper, but I have been wanting to get into some more steadily rising fish–got all winter to fish subsurface!

    1. Try over by Sun Burn Beach. Where the North Feeds into the Deerfield. Its a great spot to catch some larger fish on dries. I wish Wilcox Hollow produced more fish this year. I’ve found it to be a better Spring location. Its always nice when you catch the occasional salmon too! Tight Lines Brian.

  2. Thanks man, I’ll give that spot a shot. Only fished there once before but it looks like some interesting water. Wilcox has been fairly productive for me this year, just not up top so much.
    Hit below Fife Sunday and it was loaded with ants and rising fish. They were fussy, as they get on ants, but managed a few.

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