5 thoughts on “A Deerfield River Tributary

  1. Beautiful. Had decent luck on the EB. Waters very low but temps were a nice 60 to 63. Fish active, incl a large Tiger trout and rainbows. I’m noticing the fish focus very much on small flies, and so, had good action on small PTs and HEs with a Stimulator or Tarantula on top. Have you fished the North or Green rivers (also Deerfield tribs)? I hear they’re quite good but don’t know.

    1. Awesome stuff. Small flies on the EB is the way to go with the water level so low. The North River is great. The Green River I haven’t fished yet but Im working my way there. So much water so little time. The Deerfield is one of my favorites and any tributary off of it is usually pure gold. The farther you drive past Shelburne Falls the better it gets. I need to make my way over to the Mills. I hear its the place to be. Tight Lines!

  2. Hey man,
    That is one cool frog! Thanks for posting up these pics, inspired me to try some water that I wouldn’t have thought of fishing and had a great morning catching 16″ rainbows in skinny water. I think I was quite literally following in your footsteps as I fished this river in a spot I had never fished before, following a lone set of boot prints until I rounded a corner a saw one of the scenes you captured here. Then hit the Deerfield and found some more rainbows in bigger water.
    The Green is great, though it gets pretty bony and I assume a little warm in the summer, I imagine much like the North. I have only fished it in the spring, but it sure is pretty and there are fish in there!

    1. Awesome Brian! I love those rivers! Definitely hit them up in May and June. The fishing is absolutely insane during those spring months and its not uncommon to catch a 19″ – 20″ trout where the North feeds into the Deerfield. Once the EB gets some rain Ill be back in that direction. Good Times!

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