EB in August

The water is low but the fish are still active on the East Branch of the Westfield River. Some of the best summer fishing is right here in my own backyard and life is good. All species of  trout have been active in the early morning / evenings with the afternoons being pretty sparse. Caddis and parachute dries in the rising hours and  switching over to  streamers in the afternoons brought some luck. Hopefully this drought will end soon bringing some larger fish out of their hiding spots. That sun sure is brutal on shallow water. Nevertheless fishing remains solid.

6 thoughts on “EB in August

  1. Congrats! Noticed that my two biggest fish past few times were on parachute dries, namely the Adams and a Trico. Also, FYI, last time I was there, 2 hoppers landed on my windshield. About 1.25′ in length. Green body w/pink-orange legs. Worth tying, I think!

    1. Awesome! Its good to hear hopper season is still alive and well. I’ve been using a dragonfly pattern that’s working really well for big browns on the Deerfield. I haven’t tried it on the EB but maybe next time! Tight Lines Jo Tango!

      1. Had good success in spite of hot weather using Chernobyls on surface next to shallow banks. Also, Prince nymph in deep pools. Landed 5. Tonight’s cold front should give needed relief to the trout.

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