Paradise on the EB

Another late August run on the EB. Weekly thunderstorms bring the water level up with a chance to catch some bigger fish. Hoppers, drys, streamers, you name it the trout want it. Temperatures seem more like Autumn this month and the fish have been less lethargic and more acrobatic. Ill take it. September is looking promising. I’m relatively new to the Westfield River with this being my first summer to explore and learn. It hasn’t disappointed. So much water and so little time. You know the feeling. Last trip out was a 16 fish outing ranging from 8” to 18”. The elusive trophy hit happened as well. Missed him though. Next time… Next time.

7 thoughts on “Paradise on the EB

  1. The trout hit all the above with some larger rainbows and browns hitting an olive gold beaded wooly bugger in faster water. Adams nymphs and some larger copper johns got the attention of pretty much everything in slow moving bends. As the light faded I was able to catch some brookies on a parachute dry. Fluffy and visible is the way to go when the light fades into the hills. As always the EB holds some beautiful fish!

  2. fished the EB today. started in the southern section, getting to it via the dirt road north of the Dam. no action in the morning.

    moved to the upper part of the river. many people, including sun bathers and swimmers, but landed 7 in a few hours. 6 of 7 were 12″ and up.

    water seemed a bit low and was a warm 65 degrees, and so, fish were holding in very aerated spots, either in the riffles or just below. focused exclusively on nymphs.

    a fun day.

  3. Fished twice Labor Day Weekend. Hit Bliss Pool, the area below the north barrier and the southern part of the river too. Water low and in one point was 75 degrees! 2 or 3 strikes a day only. Nymphing and with dries. Biggest fish was caught on a size 20 Trico. Other anglers reported little to zero action. Nevertheless, was fun to be out there.

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