8 thoughts on “East Branch • Westfield River

    1. Thanks Jo Tango. I hope you catch a lot of fish. The EB has been rocking lately with this early fall weather. If you are headed to the Chesterfield Gorge stretch don’t be weary of driving down the dirt road. The fishing gets better the farther you go and I can manage it in my little Saturn. Good luck and tight lines!

  1. am new to the E.B. and have fished it twice thus far. had good experiences both with nymphing, incl. a 14″ brown and multiple good-sized rainbows. also, fun to catch small wild browns, too.

    was showing dry fly casting to my 15 year old and inadvertently caught a fat 15″ rainbow on a stimulator/dropper set-up in about 20″ of water.

    one time, we fished from 8 am to 5 pm. zero action until 2 pm, incl. while nymphing deep. one time, we fished starting 12 noon and action again started at 2 pm.

    water temps good: 60 to 62 throughout that area.

    river popular: 2 other anglers working Bliss Pool area with a family of swimmers down there, too, splashing around.

    wonder if fishing closer downstream will be better, though i hear “good” pocket water becomes more spread out the further down river.

    1. Its good to hear that you’re catching some good fish. Les’s Pool is about a mile from where the road block is on River Rd. The sign is tucked away in the woods. You will know its Le’s Pool because the river opens up into a calm deep pool. I usually catch brook trout in that stretch. It also is before the center of the gorge so that might help you find it. There are many secret pools from the center of the gorge down. Finding them is half the fun but its a long hike from the top. Good luck on your next outing. The water levels have been perfect and this weekend looks to be promising with some cloud cover and good weather.

      1. Grant, thank you very much. Fished the EB today and fished the pools below the gate. Caught 7 (not your 16!) on dries and nymphs and all were 12″ and up. Fished the Tarantula pattern for the first time and landed a 15″ rainbow. At one point, the sun was behind me and I could see clearly into a pool. I could see what flies triggered interest and which did not. Magical!

      2. Yes! That sounds like and epic day. The fishing has been good all over the place in light of the little rain. The Deerfield right now is low but the trout are concentrated and slamming dries. Its always a good time out there.

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