Fife Brook

With temperatures reaching a bone chilling -20 a trip to fife brook in 30 degree weather felt like spring. This was my first visit to the oldest catch and release section on the Deerfield River and it was a good one. Fife Brook down is mostly a series of riffles and pools with a few sections of pocket water but definitely, big water. The weather was dry which was good for my hands but no fish. I tied on a gold headed streamer and hiked farther down river maneuvering over snow covered rocks and logs. This place was like fishing in Narnia, I half expected Azlan to come out and ask me how the fishing was. Keeping my eyelets free from ice was a challenge but well worth it when I finally hooked a fish. A huge rainbow. It was great to catch a fish of this size in the middle of winter and right after a cold snap. Till next time Fife Brook.


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